Dj Fausto

21h - 22h

Every now and then the world of dance music loses a talent, yet gains an icon.

DJ Fausto has been in the game for over twenty years now and whereas some people would lose inspiration or enthusiasm, he is still pursuing to stay at the top position that he has earned over the past two decades. If you take a look at the immense list of events that Fausto has performed at, you will know that he has taken quite a long road up to the point where he finds himself nowadays. 

Headlining a.o. Trance Energy (closing set at Main Stage), DefQon1 (main stage Holland and Australia), Qlimax, Sensation Black, Impulz, In Qontrol, Q-Base, Ground Zero, Decibel, Mystery Land, Miami Winter Conference, Full Moon Party (Thailand), Monday Cruise Bar (Sweden), Hard House Academy (UK), a residency at Pendragon (UK), Loveparade (Germany), it's just a small part of Fausto's impressive resumé.

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Dr Rude

22h - 23h

Dr Rude started as an expert in oldschool and early hardcore back in the days. Soon after, he became one of the leading icons in the Belgian Jump/Tek scene. The freshly signed artist on the Dirty Workz main label is ready for his next step in his journey through the Hard Dance scene! With his unique vision on Hardstyle he is ready to share his vision of what is yet to come!

From mega events such as Reverze and Defqon1, this all-rounder did it all and is ready for an even bigger future!

He manages to rock every party: beat matching, scratching and becoming one with the audience makes this DJ the right man for any job. Always ready to cure a party that is about to become a flatliner, or just making you feel even better: Dr. Rude is the answer to all your enquiries. But beware: a long lasting treatment could cause some serious fatigue problems, since you can't stand still to his raging beats.


Jay Reeve

23h - 23h45

Holding a prime passion for creation, Julien Raasing, or better known as up and coming prodigy Jay Reeve, is on a heart-warming journey to the top!

After taking the plunge in 2015 and dropping his first releases on X-BONE, Jay Reeve went on to prevail with phenomenal releases such as “One Destiny,” “Homecoming” with Noiseshock, “Voice Of Silence” and “Remote.”

Furthermore, his most recent release, namely the #1 hit “The Blackbird” made a tremendous impact on the Hardstyle scene and also his career. Gaining immense recognition at the blink of an eye, this feel-good number injects a powerhouse sense of bliss into modern Hardstyle!

Performance-wise, Jay has already cast his spell upon crowds at Defqon.1 Intents Festival, Daylight Festival, Summerfestival, Dream Village, Groove Garden and will conquer stages at Rebirth, Beat The Bridge, Intents Festival, 7th Sunday and many more throughout the summer of ’18!

Remember the music, remember the name – Jay Reeve is just getting started!


23h45 - 00h30

Discovered by hardstyle legend Luna, Polish/Dutch producer Grzegorz Luzynski got the chance to prove his musical abilities on the infamous Minus is More label.

Grzegorz' passion, talent and vision on hard music fascinated Luna and resulted in the powerful collaboration called "Choices".

After this project Grzegorz signed an exclusive record deal with Minus is More and found his managing representative in Most Wanted DJ.

Grzegorz, on stage called "Crypsis" showed that he was much more than a talent and demanded his top position. Performances at Hard Bass, In Qontrol, Bassleader and Decibel are only small exposes of this man's strength.

Beside his deejay sets the Minus is More front soldier recently introduced an unseen and unheard live-act.

Crypsis' tracks are played by all the main performers and with a forthcoming new strike of fresh sounds he keeps on dominating the present hardstyle scene.

Visiting hot spots all over the globe Crypsis is the absolute force to reckon.

Digital Punk

00h30 - 1h30

From a powerful and fervent performance on stage right down to a sophisticated and driven approach to production, Rene de Bruijn, or better known as Digital Punk is unquestionably the totality of a born entertainer. Putting in the hard yards to cement his name in a pioneering position, Digital Punk has heavily influenced a new wave in raw hardstyle and his legacy has served as an inspiration to budding producers and fans on all corners of the globe…

This A2 Records superstar has experienced a prosperous career in music filled with milestone performances at Dominator, Intents Festival, Reverze, Q-BASE, the mainstage of Defqon.1 and Supremacy, where he stole the night by entering the crowd in a hovering booth whilst simultaneously dropping his stellar anthem “Supreme” feat. MC Nolz.

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1h30 - 2h30

Killshot, the latest revelation in the hardstyle scene has just released his first track called “Beastmode” and has hit the top download spot in hardstyle.com. We expect total mayhem and  a lot of  monster tracks from this talented artist! Keep an eye out for this guy because he will blow you away with his phat kicks!


2h30 - 3h30

Deemed the ‘Queen of Italian Hardcore’, DJ AniMe has become a renowned favourite for her undisputed beauty, skill and flair. Representing the vicious Dogfight clan, this full-package Hardcore hero has worked industriously to reach outstanding levels of success.

Voted the into spot 31 as the World’s Best Female DJ and #18 in Europe’s Best Female DJ’s, AniMe has conquering the industry with her ravaging, energetic sound and full-throttle performances. 

After releasing her hit-album “Exterminate” in 2016, AniMe continued on her high streak in 2017 with hit-releases such as “Call My Name,” “Insane Hardcore” and “Superior Hardcore” feat. Nolz. Entering 2018 promising as ever, she’s opened the new year with her stunning Masters of Hardcore Austria anthem “The Third Invasion” feat. Dave Revan. 

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Noize Suppressor

3h30 - 4h30

Looking around ourselves today we see that things are accelerating ever so rapidly in the world of technology. Mans creation has dominated the world with industrious brilliance that can at once be described as mind bending, awe striking and terrifying. Perhaps nothing symbolizes the spirit of this better than Alessandro Dilillo (Bike) better known to the world as NOIZE SUPPRESSOR. Leaders in realm of Hardcore Techno, Noize Suppressor have taken their industrious art form to another level in both the musical and live realms. Bringing their fans an unmatched experience in entertainment on every level. As any witness of a Noize Suppressor show will tell you: its truly is mind bending, awe striking and terrifying…. all at once.

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Negative A

4h30 - 5h30

With class A productions on labels as DNA Records and Masters of Hardcore Negative A is an absolute power in nowadays hardcore music.

The multitalented Angelo Goede has an enormous reputation on both music production skills. 

Smashing performances on events like Masters of Hardcore, Defqon-1, Thunderdome, Dominator and Nature One prove the powerful ways of this innovative music.

His productions and remixes are played by all top jocks and are worshipped by hardcore music fans around the globe. 

Negative A stands for profound electronic music in its most pure form. 

The man with negative in his name is the positive force on every true hardcore event.